Phenological models for pest control are a basic and widely used tool among official Plant Health agencies in Europe and the USA.

FuturCrop implements in mathematical models the relationship between the life cycle of pests and climatic data, mainly environmental temperature.

Technicians and farmers can know the right moment to apply phytosanitary treatments, when the insect is more sensitive to the product according to its biological development.

We can / Can we reduce global pesticide use

Planning of treatments

According to FAO, the key to successful pest control is Planning.

With this software it is possible to replace preventive needless treatments with planned treatments.

Reducing the use of pesticides

Only when necessary and efficient

The use of pesticides should be reduced to the minimum necessary, due to their proven effects on human health and the environment.

Managing information

Reducing risks

By controlling the insect life cycle, pest population density and the number of generations, it is possible to eliminate uncertainty and the risk of crop losses.

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