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Reduce Costs

FuturCrop calculates the day on which to carry out the treatments, the moment in which the pests are most vulnerable. You can reduce the total number of treatments, saving up to 40% of costs.

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Prevents pests from becoming resistant to pesticides

By reducing fumigations and increasing their efficiency, pests will not be able to develop resistance to plant protection products.

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Effective scouting

You will have all the information you need to identify pests, even unknown ones, morphology of the pest, instructions for monitoring according to each phase of the pest, which are the most efficient predators or parasitoids, etc.

Don't leave treatments to chance

The right time for efficiency

Do you use too many pesticides?

If you use too many chemicals, too often, you are not only damaging the environment, you are also making your product more expensive and putting the future of your business at risk.

Don't know when to release predators or parasitoids?

FuturCrop calculates the most effective time to perform treatments: dates when pests are more vulnerable to chemical treatments or when pests are at the proper stage of development for greater efficiency of biological control methods. It will help you reduce production costs and you will have less risk of shrinkage or unexpected crop losses.

Smart decisions

6 advantages of using FutrCrop

Efficient Agriculture


Allows pest scouting only when necessary

Until you receive an email from the software, sampling is not necessary because pests will not be present in your crops.

The daily calculations of FuturCrop allow us to know that the necessary meteorological conditions for the development of crop pests have not occurred.


What species of pest to look for?

The pest risk warning email will indicate the species to monitor in your crops.

It allows the identification of pests in all their stages of development (eggs, larvae, adult), as it will indicate the phase in which the pest is.

It will even identify potential new transboundary pests.



Scouting instructions needed?

You will receive both instructions on the morphological characteristics of each phase of the pest life cycle, as well as instructions on where to find the pest in each phase, and the damage it causes, for efficient monitoring.

You will be able to detect pests in the immature stages of the first generations, and not by damage to crops.


You will know 7 days in advance the specific date when the treatment is most efficient

You will be able to plan treatments for efficient control.

You will be able to optimize the fumigations and use the product that has the best effect on the pest whose species and growth status you know.

Biological Control treatments also benefit from this information.


Control of the number of generations of pests that damage crops

The use of FuturCrop allows you to easily evaluate the results of the treatments carried out in the first generations.

The risk of large, unexpected losses due to late treatments is reduced


It allows to control the effects of Climate Change in the development of pests

It will be able to adapt the treatments to the expected evolution of the population development of the pests.

Eliminate the risk of unexpected generational spikes.

Greater control of the threshold of economic damage to their crops

How does it works?


Competitive agriculture is a cost-cutting agriculture.

Decision Support System

Do you want to know the basics of the software? Download the document "FuturCrop. Decision Support System for Intagrated Pest Management". Click here


What do you control with futurcrop?

The new pests you don’t know about, the real pest risk, and the money you spend on pest control.


Agricultural Pests

179 pest algorithms that cause damage in more than 250 crops.

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Transboundaries Pests

New and unknown pests, sometimes without natural enemies.


Forest Pest

Such as Palm weevil, Elm Galeruca, Hairy lizard, Barrenillo, etc.


Phytosanitary products

Control the treatments carried out and create a report with the parameters field, crop, pest.

Dificult concepts in a simple way

Futurcrop in the language you need

You can use FuturCrop App in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Arabic.

You can access FuturCrop in 1 more language


Solve your questions about agricultural pests

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